Monday, 23 March 2015

Rejected Pictures

These are the pictures I have chosen not to be in the final selection of ten. I found it quite difficult to subjectively choose which ten should make up the final set of images, it was hard to base my decision not solely on which images I found to be pleasing, but ones in which fit into a theme and made up a harmonious set.

Viewed on its own, I think this is a vivid picture with an almost unreal quality with it's bright colours contrasting sharply against the grey background.However, for my project, I wanted my pictures to have a more realistic look. Technically, when editing this image in Photoshop, I think I could have selected the subject with more care by using the " refine edge" tool.

This image seems much too cluttered, there is too much going on in the picture. I could have cropped more of the image or used a shallower depth of field so only one part of the image becomes the main focus. 

The grey colour causes this image to be much too "flat" It is a boring, almost depressing picture and doesn't fit the vibrant theme that I wish to produce for my final set of ten images.

I love the lighting in this image, however the flower at the front is out of focus and, being the main part of the image, it is a distraction. This image may have worked is there was less of the front flower in shot, it would have provided depth to the picture without being a distraction.

I tried the technique of "colour popping" for this image as I was inspired by several images I found on line while researching photo shopping techniques.  The way the flower lies horizontally across the picture gives the image a sense of depth. This image was almost chosen for the final ten but I wanted to concentrate more on the close up detail.

Again, this image was almost chosen for the final ten but wasn't chosen for the same reasons as above.

This image has been badly edited in Photoshop, I could have improved this image by using the refine edge tool to make the selection around the flowers smoother. I also think the grey background does not work well against the yellow flowers and in particular the green leaves.
While I quite like the composition of this image, I wanted my final ten images to focus solely on the flowers. The vase in this image is a distraction, as is the two colour background.
I think the composition of this image works well, however, I intended my images to show more detail of the actual flower. I could have improved this image by cropping most of the stem out.
This image is badly composed and the detail of each flower seems lost in all that white! I could have improved this image by using a black background to provide a contrast with the white flower/
The composition of the image is fine, however, I had to be quite choosy with my final images and this one didn't quite make the cut. The green of the stem against the purple is a distraction, I could have used Photoshop to cut this part out.  

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