Friday, 28 November 2014

Statement of Intent.

Title of Project.

A Study of Flowers.

Intentions of the Photography to be Undertaken.

For this project, I intend to take photographs of flowers. I want to include both colour and black and white photos as well as close up, detailed images of parts of the flower. I wish my images to convey a sense of texture and be highly detailed.

Reasons for Selection of Theme.

I decided on this theme as I have always enjoyed close up, macro photography and the ability to see detail that you might not otherwise be able to view without the use of a camera.
I have also been inspired by the work of photographers Robert Mapplethorpe, Imogen Cunningham, Ron Van Dongen, Heather Angel and James Thornbrook who's floral images I find to be both beautiful and interesting.

Equipment That I Will Be Using.

I will use my Nikon D5300 DSLR camera with a Sigma 105mm F2.8 DG Macro lens. I will be using a tripod to prevent camera shake. I will also use two desk lamps to provide light where I need it and also a variety of coloured cards to create contrasting backgrounds to the flowers.

Techniques I will be Using.


I will be using a tripod to prevent camera shake, this also means I can use a longer shutter speed without risking blurring the exposure. I can also use a timed shutter release so I don't have to touch the camera. Again, this will help prevent camera shake.


I will be using this technique as I want to capture close up images of the flowers in high detail.


I will use a reflector  to direct the light to where I want it to be. I have read this article to research lighting techniques for flowers.

How light quality can be used to help convey the visual message

I intent to utilise both natural light and a desk lamp to produce images that, while of the same subject, can vary in colour and tone. These different lighting techniques will give the photographs a different feel. For instance, a photograph of a subject shot in the dark with only one source of light will have deeper areas of light and shadow than the same subject taken with just natural light. I hope that this will produce some interesting effects especially if I choose to make the image black and white.

Safety considerations

While shooting the photographs I will be using a tripod, I must be careful that it isn't put in a place where other people may trip over it.
 I will also be using a desk lamp with a long electric cable, again I must warn others that this is there. I also have the option of taping the wire down to reduce the chance that it will be tripped over.
The flowers that I am using will be kept in a vase of water between shots, I must make sure that this is kept away from my camera and also the desk lamp.
Cut flowers also can host a variety of bacteria including Pseudomonas, to prevent sickness, I must wash my hands after handling the flowers.

Assignment 206. Contents Page

City and Guilds Level Two Photography


1. Statement of Intent.

2. Research

                - Ron Van Dongan
                -Imogen Cunningham.

                -James Thornbrook.

                -Robert Mapplethorpe

               - Heather Angel.

3. First Photo Shoot

4. Second Photo Shoot

5. Third Photo Shoot

6.Short List of Photographs for Final Ten Images.

7. Short List of Photographs after editing.

8. Rejected Pictures

9. Final Ten Images

10. Conclusion

11. Evidence of Image Editing

12. Unit 205